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damon & rose

forever is a long time

Damon & Rose
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A community for Damon Salvatore and Rose from the Vampire Diaries

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++ Entries should be related to Damon and/or Rose, or the actors who play them, Ian Somerhalder and Lauren Cohan.

++ NO BASHING. I know that there are many different ships in the Vampire Diaries fandom, and everyone is entitled to their choices, so do not say anything disrespectful about any ships. The same goes for any characters or actors. Keep it friendly, people.

++ Fic, art, and videos are all welcomed. Large images (over 400px wide), images over the amount of 3, and fanfiction must be under an lj-cut.

++ Put any spoilers under an lj-cut as well, and please warn about spoilers in your fics.

++ If you would like to promote a community, feel free, but please make sure it is relevant to this community. It must have some connection to Lauren, Ian, their characters, or The Vampire Diaries.

++ If you link to a personal journal, make sure your entry is public for at least 3 days so people can see it.

Your mod is x_spikeaholic_x
If you have any problems or questions, page me.

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